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Sparkle in Gold: Top Jewelry to Pack for Your July 4th Travels

Summer is in full swing; wow, that happened fast! School is out for summer, and for those with young kids, camp has started! One thing I love about summer is how fleeting every week and weekend feels. We take it to the max with activities and quick trips. With all these trips, I like to keep my packing simple and light. Summer is all about being casual, but we all know there's a fun way to spruce it up with gold jewelry, and I've mastered that! Here are my must-packs for your quick jaunts and summer lovin’ nights.

After staying somewhere away from home for the weekend, I am the person who always leaves something behind.  So, when traveling, I like to maximize the risk of losing a ring or two by leaving my stacking rings at home. A statement ring is the best way to throw in a pop of color and a big bold piece. The Kimmie collection offers my favorite pop of color in my jewelry box. Summer and warm weather have me reaching for turquoise, which is great that we offer this piece in our collection. 

Next up, I love to add an earring to a beach dress or even jean shorts and a T-shirt at night. I know this might be a bold statement, but if the beach and summer were a piece of jewelry – it would be a hoop earring!  The BGG Greenwich hoops are my most reached-for piece of jewelry.  Whenever I think I will wear my diamond hoops or a drop, I return to these. Hoops are perfect for travel since they are one piece (no earring backs needed or lost on the floor of a hotel bathroom!), and they make a casual outfit look more.. Beachy! Great to throw on, two tone so they match everything, and the perfect size where it's not too much of a party hoop and not too dainty. 

Lastly, bring in the pop of color again by adding a necklace to your usual layer. I like to keep my everyday necklace stack on and then have the option to either tone it down or play it up with one additional piece. Since we packed our Kimmie ring above, why not add the necklace? It's not too matchy when worn with the ring, if you have a necklace layer on, but it can also be great separately and worn solo. 

Have the best summer and pack wisely!



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