My "must pack" for vacation jewelry list

My "must pack" for vacation jewelry list

Imagine this, you're away on winter break skiing locally with your family when you decide the second half of the break you're going to go to Florida -- basically the next day! You have a quick from ski-slope to pool-side turn around of less than 24 hours. What jewelry would you grab to pack? This happened, and here is my tried and true list! 

Important note: I am basing this on a vacation with my children - will do another post for a vacation sans-kids, since that's when I would usually amp up the glam!

  1. **A Great Pair of Hoops**:  Medium to large-ish hoop earrings just scream vacation to me. They are something I typically wear more in warmer weather and can instantly elevate a simple outfit. Opt for a pair that is versatile enough to complement various looks, the Greenwich Hoops are a favorite of mine. The texture adds something fun, and these hoops are two-tone! Meaning they have both white and yellow gold and can go with anything! Hello practical! 

  1. **Two Necklaces**:  I was so happy to have these specific two necklaces.  What I love about this mix is that both necklaces can be worn solo and look great, but also layered together for a more substantial look. The Great Jones Necklaces is great for traveling, casual enough solo but also glitzy for nights out.  The slight shimmer is exactly how we named it. A little something to spruce you up that can be layered, worn as a choker, or even worn as a lariat. Zip it on and off for ease (especially great when rushing to get ready, because who isn't always?). 

  1. **3 Rings**: Stackable rings are perfect for adding a touch of trendy to your vacation wardrobe. I like to pack two simple thin stacking rings and then one statement ring that can be worn with them (excluding my engagement ring). Stacking rings are fun for day time, and honestly the Kimmie rings have been my tried and true rings for pool-side to nighttime (turquoise happens to look great with a Margarita in hand!). 
  1. **Bracelets**:  Ok, I'm guilty here because I always forget the right bracelets because my Cartier Juste Un Clou is hard to take on and off. However, on this past trip I loved pairing the slight shimmer bracelet in white gold to mix my metals and add a little more to my look. The ease of slipping it on and off is seriously worth it for me. Who has time for a clasp on vacation?! I also would grab a bangle or two like this for any future trips! 
  1. **A Drop Earring**:  Assuming you're wearing your normal ear-stack en route (mine are just simple diamond studs), we also need a drop earring for length for when the hoops just won't work. The shimmer collection drops (seriously, any of these!) will work wonders. They catch the light, sparkle, and have worked every time as a sub-for when my hoops just feel "too-hoopy."  

Remember to pack your jewelry carefully to prevent tangling and damage during transit. The most simple way for me is honestly, plastic baggies so I can see everything I am bringing and store them separately and easily. I only bring enough of them so I know when a piece was not put back in its place (should we name this "girl-inventory" systems?). 

Share your pics, I can't wait to see how you've styled your looks! Enjoy your vacation in style with these "must-pack" jewelry pieces!

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