BTS of the earrings I reach for the most

Getting dressed to go out has been such a struggle lately. I’m not sure if the latest trends just aren't working well for me, or if I just am feeling stuck right now, but the feeling of “I have nothing to wear” is occurring more and more (somebody SOS!). Yet, I always come back to my one method of the guaranteed “I look good, but not that I tried too hard look,” which is always the statement earring. This practical one is a favorite, its a drop earring that works well with jeans but I've also worn to black-tie events. This for me is The GG Drop earrings. Perfection. Always. 

Make them look effortless by pairing with that “perfect white-tee,” jeans, pumps, or dress them up for when you need something more.

And now for the BTS: 

These earrings were created after I found myself needing a linear drop that wasn’t all diamonds but added something more to my looks. After years of pairing marquis diamonds in the perfect shapes and sizes I created an amazing pair of earrings, however, they were way too fancy to wear for dinners and nights out.  That's when the need for the GG drops occurred.  I sketched them out and could not be happier with the turn out.

They are my most reached for earrings and one of our best sellers. I am so happy you like them too :)

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